Abuse or Neglect Reporting Procedures

The following outlines steps taken should an incident of abuse or neglect be observed or suspected.

Step 1 (Notify Administration Team):

All individuals who are employed by Liberty International School are required to report any observed or suspected incidents of abuse or neglect.  Currently, all reports are to be made to the Administration Team (composed of the Head of School, the Operations Manager, and the Assistant Operations Manager ).  Depending on what has been reported, the individuals reporting the incident will need to provide a signed written account of what was witnessed or heard.  The initial reporting of an incident needs to occur as soon as possible and is not to exceed a 24-hour period.


Step 2 (Determine Reasonable Cause):

Within 48 hours of receiving the report of the incident, the Administration Team will make an assessment of all information provided and determine if there exists reasonable cause to proceed to the next step in the process.


Step 3 (Ensure Safety):

Depending on the circumstances and information attained, the Administration Team will take measures to ensure the safety of the child. This may include actions such as contacting the applicable Japanese local authorities, employers, consulates, or embassies.


Step 4 (Investigation):

The Administration Team will then begin an investigation into the incident, initiating contact with and gathering details and taking statements from those related to the incident. 


Step 5 (Action Plan):

After the Administration Team has completed the investigation, a decision will be made regarding what course of action to take.  Termination of employment, initiating a monitoring period, or mandatory participation in a specified training are some possible actions the Administration Team may employ.


Step 6 (Review)

During the annual review of our safeguarding standards and procedures, any events that occurred and the handling of them will be assessed to verify the efficacy and professionality of the action plans.