Application Process
Take part in a Tour or Information Session


You will need to sign up to come to the school for a tour or partake in an information session (It is possible to conduct this online).  This is the first important step in making sure that the application experience is more efficient for each family.

Complete the Application Form


To begin the process, it is necessary to complete the application form in its entirety.  Be sure to submit report cards for the current year (if transferring during the school year) and submit the report cards for the previous year if the school year has completed.  A single official school transcript is acceptable in lieu of report cards.  If available, please submit any standardized test results that are less than one year old.

Also, please be sure to receive a document from a physician stating that the student has no major issues that would limit the student from participating in normal school activities.  This certificate from a physician may be submitted at a later date, but it needs to be received before attending class.

The application form may be submitted in person, mailed, or scanned and emailed.

Come to the School for an Interview

An interview with a parent/guardian, who is a proficient English speaker, and with the student noted on the application will be required after the application form has been processed.  Depending on the age of the student, a variety of questions and conversation topics will be introduced.  This is a time for the administration team to get to know more about the student and family, as well as talk about the fee structure for the student(s).

Take Language Proficiency or Placement-Level Tests
(if needed)


If a particular test is deemed necessary, a time will be scheduled to take the test, or official scores from a school-recognized English proficiency exam or Grade-Level test will be required.  Tests administered by the school will incur a testing fee that will need to be paid in advance.

Receive a Decision on the Application 


Shortly after the interview (and testing, if needed), you will receive notice regarding your application.  If the application is accepted, pay the 30,000 yen application fee to reserve a space in the class.

Student and Guardian Handbook


Parents or legal guardians must read and review the Student and Guardian Handbook before the student is allowed to begin school.  The student (depending on the age) and guardian will need to sign and return the "ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RECEIPT OF STUDENT AND GUARDIAN HANDBOOK" page of this handbook.

Submit remaining fees and tuition. 


Before the start of school, all fees and tuition need to be paid unless an Installment Payment Plan option has been established.