Common Core and
The Standards for Effective Pedagogy

Common Core Standards

Liberty International School uses the Common Core Standards as an overall guide for our educational program.  Consequently, our textbooks are based upon the concepts of Common Core.  More can be learned about the Common Core Standards from the following website:

The Standards for Effective Pedagogy

The Standards for Effective Pedagogy are a set of pedagogical standards that can be used to increase the effectiveness of teaching when implemented in a systematic way, and each standard builds upon the next standard.  These standards reflect the content found in the Common Core, but they also provide the framework for how to teach in a manner that accounts for how humans learn.  

As our teaching staff learns implementation of the Standards for Effective Pedagogy through instructional coaching, we are able to not only conduct classes that are based on research-supported concepts and utilize language and critical thought, but we are also able to assess how effectively we are implementing these standards.

Below is a chart that shows what the Standards look like when observed at the highest level.

5 Standards Chart.jpg