Eligibility Requirements
Parent/Guardian Language Requirements


At least one parent or guardian needs to be highly proficient or fluent in English so as to be able to communicate effectively with teachers or staff; read and understand school communications; and support the child's educational needs at home.

Student English Proficiency Level 


Students entering middle school or high school must be highly proficient or fluent in academic English.


Students entering grades 4 and 5 should should be able to read and write at or near grade level.  They should be able to read and understand instructions in English and accomplish a variety of tasks independently.

Students entering grades 2 and 3 should be able to understand the teacher and read at or near grade level.  Furthermore, they should be able to express their ideas in English without major issue.  


Students entering kindergarten and 1st grade will be assessed on their ability to understand English numbers, letters, and basic words. 


An English proficiency test or outside support for English may be required before admission is granted.