Our History, Our Present,
and Our Future Path

Liberty International School officially began in 2008 and functioned as a home tutoring school.  From that time, Liberty gradually developed into a full-fledged school.  Currently, the school consists of over 110 students, age range from Pre-K to 10th grade, representing more than 20 countries producing a diverse student body made up of a variety of cultures and religions.

Tsukuba City is known as the Science City and it is home to a huge demographic of foreign residences; notably foreign researchers and their families. Surrounded by the academic environment and the favorable circumstances, the school emphasizes the collaboration work with researchers including that of Empowerment Science Lab, University of Tsukuba. LIS has kept reinventing itself for a better place to create the learning culture with students, faculties, and parents over the past years.

The school is committed to provision of high quality education teaching all the core subjects that are aligned to Common Core Standard and preparing students for SAT examination in Highschool. The school has experienced many years of success and had a record in raising competitive and outstanding students, excellent record of successful applications eg. UNSW Sydney.

In March of 2020, we will take possession of a new facility which is very close to our current building.  Our 5th graders, as well as our middle school and high school students will be moving into that building from April of 2020.  

Currently, we are beginning the journey to receiving our international accreditation. This will be a two year (or less) process.  International accreditation provides a wider range of opportunities to our students, and we are excited to have begun this process.  

Additionally, around the time that the accreditation process should be finishing, we intend to move the younger grades into a new building that we will construct on the same site as the building housing the upper grades.  The short-term changes we will be implementing will allow for us to better serve our current and future students as well as positively affect our community!