Our Mission, Vision, and Philosophy

Our Mission

Why Mission Questions: Considering the diversity of our student population, the constantly evolving global society, and our commitment to foster scholars who are prepared to interact and contribute to our society, we have adopted the practice of employing mission questions to assess the level of fidelity to the goals we esteem at Liberty International School.  In contrast to a mission statement, where individuals can simply align themselves to the mission through agreement, a question requests an answer and should require the responder to think more deeply about how to answer the question. Consequently, one will notice that the questions that follow cannot be answered by a mere yes or no; therefore, the means by which these mission goals are being achieved must also be articulated.  This format acknowledges that there may be more than one way to accomplish the mission goals, and it provides space for teachers, staff, parents, guardians, or other members of the community to provide input into the methods employed to meet these goals.  With that in mind, what follows are the mission questions that inform our actions as an international school and member of the community.


  • How are we providing and continuing to ensure the maintenance of an atmosphere that is safe and nurturing?

  • How are we providing a challenging and comprehensive curriculum that meets the unique needs of each scholar?

  • How are we cultivating scholars who are independent critical thinkers who also truly value shared responsibility and human interdependence?

  • How are we cultivating scholars who value and respect not only themselves but are also able to have true compassion towards those they do not know personally?

  • How are we cultivating scholars who will think about, discuss, and take decisive action on issues in their immediate environment and the world?

Our Vision

Every scholar that graduates from Liberty International School will be equipped to positively impact a world that is yet to be created.

Our Philosophy

We Believe:

  • An educated individual is essential to sustaining the vibrance and effectiveness of the community, the country, and the world.

  • Every person has worth; consequently, every person is worthy to be treated with respect.

  • There is no end to learning. We do not know everything there is to know; consequently, learning is a lifelong pursuit.

  • All individuals are capable of leaning.

  • The education of each student is the shared responsibility of the student; the family and guardians; and the school.

  • Parents and guardians have the right and responsibility to provide input and dialogue about curriculum and program decisions that best meet the needs of their student(s).

  • The development and nurturing of an honorable and principled character is of equal importance to academic growth.  Furthermore, it is essential for fostering responsible global citizens who will serve and develop their community, country, and the world.

  • That in performing our role of preparing global citizens, our young scholars, faculty, staff, and administration must be aware of and continue to develop our knowledge and appreciation of diversity in a variety of areas.

  • Students will develop and be most effective in environments where physical, intellectual, and emotional health is emphasized and their safety is assured.

  • That while all students must be held to the highest standards of academic achievement, all students are not the same.  Therefore, the degree of success a student achieves is relative to that unique student. 

  • That we are obligated to ensure that all students who graduate are fully equipped with a variety of knowledge and possess the self-confidence to follow the post-graduation path of their choosing.