Safeguarding Our Students

In alignment with the mission, vision, and philosophy of Liberty International School, the principles and standards in place to safeguard the youth of our school community are based on the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection; the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, of which Japan is a signatory country; and Japanese law. Additionally, these measures follow the recommendations and requirements of our accrediting agency.  Any student attending Liberty International School is deemed under our care until that student graduates or is no longer affiliated with the school; consequently, the contents of this safeguarding document apply to all individuals who are students of Liberty International School, regardless of age or attending status.


Purpose of this Safeguarding Manual

The purpose of this document is to provide clear policies and procedures to be followed in the event that faculty, staff, or administrators of Liberty International School (full-time, part-time, or volunteer) witness or suspect the occurrence of child abuse in any form or have such information disclosed to them from any individual.  The goal is to 1) ensure the safety of the student and 2) ensure that the information is quickly communicated to the appropriate school leadership and authorities.


How does this document Safeguard

This safeguarding manual outlines several measures we have employed to protect the students of Liberty International School.  Those measures are as follows:

  1. The establishment of a code of conduct that governs the interactions of Liberty International School students and adults (staff or otherwise)

  2. The establishment of procedures for handling instances (or suspected instances) of child abuse in any form occurring with any individual deemed a student of Liberty International School

  3. Provides information to educate about child abuse and its various forms

  4. The establishment of procedures to be followed when screening and verifying the identity and history of employees and volunteers

  5. The posting of resources related to child protection

NOTE: All employees and volunteers of Liberty International School MUST report any instances of abuse or suspected abuse involving a student at Liberty International School, regardless of whether it occurred at the school or involved school employees. Employees and volunteers MUST also report any instances of abuse or suspected abuse of the parent, guardian, or siblings of students as such abuse is unacceptable and can also endanger the wellbeing of the student. No employee will be subjected to retaliation, intimidation or disciplinary action as a result of reporting an incident in good faith under this policy. Those unwilling to abide by the guidelines contained in this handbook are unable to work at Liberty International School.

This Handbook is given to all families and guardians, and employees of Liberty International School are required to sign this document to show their willingness to abide by these policies.