Tuition and Fees


Tuition and fees are due in full upon receiving the invoice from the school.  All payments are to be paid in yen.

The only fees that may be paid by credit card are the application fee and the testing fees for potentially new students.

All other payments (e.g., Tuition, Registration Fee, etc.) may be paid by bank transfer or cash.

NOTE: An administration fee will be charged each time there is a cash payment.

NOTE: We will be transitioning to a cashless payment process.  From August, 2021, cash will not be accepted for most payments.



Bank Transfers should be made to

BANK NAME: Joyo Bank

BRANCH: Kenkyugakuenshi shiten


ACCOUNT NAME: Liberty International School


普通 3433137


Tuition and general fees

One-Time Fees

Application Fee

20,000 yen (non-refundable)

Registration Fee

30,000 yen (non-refundable)

Building and Development Fee

15,000 yen (non-refundable)

English Proficiency and Grade-Level Test

(if needed)

Amount to be announced at time of administering.


Tuition & Annual Fees

Historically, the tuition fee structure at Liberty International School was established based on the realization that for most international families in our community, only one parent was working.  Due to this, two fee structures were developed, essentially, one for the international community and one for the non-international community. 

*Currently, if the student has a valid passport from a country other than Japan, and at least one parent is non-Japanese,  the following fee structure should be used.


*All other students will follow this fee structure.



Sibling Discounts:

For those who will enroll more than one child, a sibling discount is available.




Liberty International School has a limited amount of funds that may be used as need-based scholarships for eligible families, on a first come first serve basis.  Recipient families of this scholarship will need to show proof of income for the household and submit verification of other items.

additional fees

NOTE: All additional fees are paid in advance. 

School Transportation Services

Train Station Service:

Currently, we offer round-trip transportation between the train station and the school. The fee for this service is 3,000 yen per month.

NOTE: There is limited space for this service.

Bus Service:

Depending on the distance from the school, we also are able to pickup and drop students off at a designated location.  The monthly fee for this is based on the distance between the school and pickup location.

NOTE: There is limited space for this service.

After School Care Fees

Students may remain at the school until 6:30pm.  The fee for this is calculated monthly or daily. 


For those paying monthly, the fee is 10,000 yen per month.  This fee is non-refundable.



The daily fee is 1000 yen per day, purchased in 5 day bundles (1 bundle = 5,000 yen).  These may be used anytime during the current school year.   These are non-refundable.

Extended Holiday Daycare Fees

With the exclusion of public holidays observed by the school, daycare is provided at school from 9:00am to 6:30pm when there are long holidays or vacations.  The fee for this is 10,000 yen per week.